Praise and worship is usually led by Carolyn Stockton or Pastor Wyatt.  The music incorporates contemporary worship songs and often hymns.  Praise and worship at Ridgeview CoG is centered on glorifying the LORD instead of what is the most popular style, song or format. Wyatt and Carolyn Stockton have been leading praise and worship teams for 15 years (which is how they met).

Ridgeview Kids

Kids church is a vital part of any ministry in light of the influences of our generation.  Kids church is taught three Sundays a month.  Kids from ages 5-12 are welcome to attend to be impacted and changed by the truth of God’s Word.  It is a place not just for truth and pure instruction but where Godly friendships are grown!  A separate class is also offered for 2-4 year olds that they too can be impacted by the gospel.

Men’s ministry

The men of Ridgeview Church of God meets the second Saturday of every month for food, faith and fellowship.  Various outings and events are planned throughout the year for the men of the church.  Men have a special biblical call to loving leadership and sacrifice in the home. Men of God are the mentors for the young, so join us as we set our eyes and affections on Jesus Christ together.

Women’s ministry

The Victorious Woman ministry of the church meet the third or fourth Saturday of every month to encourage and build up one another in the faith.  The are digging deeper into the Word in a study on a special woman of the bible recently.  In a world where the focus of self image and expectations of others is paramount, these women come together to focus on their biblical role and callings.  Laughing, loving and lifting up they challenge one another to not only be what God called them to be, but see themselves as God does.  Come and be encouraged.

1st Sunday

1st Sunday is the first Sunday of every month where the whole church remains in the sanctuary as a family.  The time of worship and preaching of the Word is shared by the whole church allowing the children to hear and be impacted.  1st Sunday evening the church comes together for a potluck meal and fellowship.  We also have a special offering for missions and the persecuted church. 


Ridgeview Church of God servant leaders. 

Ridgeview servant leaders